Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bill should be part of any sound financial approach. Some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts.

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Perspectives on Tax Planning

Perspectives on Tax Planning

Too often, taxes are only thought of once or twice a year

November Wealth Strategies

November Wealth Strategies

Senior Tax Strategist Kelsey Clair provides useful tax planning tips as we head into year-end.

Taking Advantage of Tax-Loss Harvesting

Taking Advantage of Tax-Loss Harvesting

There can be tax benefits to selling securities that have underperformed – if you’re thoughtful about it.

Red Flags for Tax Auditors

Here are six flags that may make your tax return prime for an IRS audit.

You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If…

Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.

How Income Taxes Work

A quick look at how federal income taxes work.

Counteracting Capital Gains with Tax-Loss Harvesting

You may have heard the phrase "tax-loss harvesting." A financial professional may be able to provide some guidance.

Finding Tax Relief Following a Catastrophic Loss

While recent law changes limit the deduction, in some cases the losses can still reduce your tax bill.

Everything You Need to Know About Tax-Free Gifting

With gifting, you can transfer wealth to your loved ones tax-free while you’re still around to see them enjoy it.

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The Facts About Income Tax

Millions faithfully file their 1040 forms each April. But some things about federal income taxes may surprise you.

Perspectives on Tax Planning

Too often, taxes are only thought of once or twice a year

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